RMU Assembly line production line

RMU Assembly Production line

1. Assembly Equipment of RMU Production line

  • Vacuum Arc Chamber Assembly Equipment: Used for assembling and testing vacuum arc chambers to ensure their performance meets the requirements.
  • Solid Insulation Material Processing Equipment: Used for processing solid insulation materials such as epoxy resin to manufacture the insulating components of the RMU.
  • Machining Equipment: Used for machining metal parts such as the cabinet body, busbar system, and knife switches.
  • Automated Assembly Line: An automated assembly line can be used to improve assembly efficiency and consistency, reducing human errors.
  • Cable Processing Equipment: Used for cutting, stripping, and connecting cables, ensuring reliable connection between cables and the RMU.

2. Testing Equipment of RMU Production line

  • Electrical Performance Testing Equipment: Used for testing the electrical performance of the RMU, including insulation resistance testing, dielectric loss testing, etc.
  • Mechanical Performance Testing Equipment: Used for testing the mechanical strength and durability of RMU components, such as the operational life testing of circuit breakers.
  • Environmental Testing Equipment: Simulates different environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity) to test the tolerance and reliability of the RMU.
  • X-ray Inspection Equipment: Used to inspect the integrity of internal structures, especially during the manufacturing of vacuum arc chambers and solid insulation components.
  • Partial Discharge Testing Equipment: Used to detect partial discharge phenomena, ensuring the insulating performance of the RMU.

3. Safety and Environmental Equipment

  • SF6 Gas Detection Equipment: For RMUs that use SF6 gas, detection equipment is needed to monitor gas leaks and concentrations.
  • Environmental Protection Equipment: Used for the treatment and recycling of waste generated during the production process, reducing environmental impact.

4. Other Auxiliary Equipment of RMU Production Line

  • Cleaning Equipment: Used for cleaning RMU components and assembly areas, maintaining a clean production environment.
  • Material Handling Equipment: Such as forklifts, cranes, etc., used for handling heavy components and completing assembly.

RMU Production line